What’s In a Name

We struggle with names sometimes.  Product making is easier than name making.  But without a good name, people will struggle to find you.  We love the Tap Deck name, but with that comes a number of problems.  Most notably, the domain is not available!  It’s difficult to launch a product and not have matching domain.

We love the Tap Deck name (for reasons not yet stated here), and so we are keeping it.  As a product name.  Tap Deck is the actual device that will run the displays.  So, welcome to:

Media Pour’s Tap Deck

Ok.  We accept that, but why Media Pour (and more than that domain was available):

Media:  Social, display, mobile…  You name it.  Media covers it.

Pour: Tap pour, can/bottle pour, growlers…  Why limit the range to your tap system only.  It’s all pourable!

Media Pour encompasses the brand rather than the product.  And so there you have it.  Have any feed back?  Leave it below!  Want more information on Media Pour’s Tap Deck?  Email us at info@mediapour.com.

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